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welcoming a new addition {chandler newborn photographer}

Taking newborn photographs brings such a delight to my life. I feel honored to be able to share the joy of welcoming a new addition with the wonderful families that I am privileged to meet. This session included a new mom and dad, who were welcoming a precious little girl into their family. It took a little time to convince this bundle of adorableness to shut her eyes, but once she did, she was such a dream to work with. She allowed me all the time I needed to find that perfect shot.

This photo session included a variety soft feminine colors, including white, pink and rose. One of my favorite photographs to take features her cute little toes wrapped delicately in a white blanket. As this little beauty grows through the years, this picture will be such a treasured memory as it becomes hard to remember how small those little feet used to be.

This beautiful little lady had such gorgeous brown hair. The headbands emphasized the delicateness of her features and brought such a soft femininity. The rose blanket, along with the rose flower crown, accentuated the color in her soft lips that curled into a wistful soft smile as she slept. She had such plump, beautiful squeezable cheeks, which you just wanted to cover with kisses. The white blankets brought out the peacefulness of her features and allowed all of her beautiful squishy parts to shine. She looked like an little angel floating on a cloud. The blankets and the background gave a classic look to the photographs that will stand the test of time.

I was so honored to welcome this little bundle and her family. I look forward to future sessions as this adorable infant grows into a beautiful young lady. It is so much fun to capture all of these cherished milestones.

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