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newborn twins {phoenix az newborn photography}

Recently, I had the great pleasure to welcome back this beautiful family of four.  The twins, one beautiful girl and one handsome boy, were so cooperative and allowed me time to find those stunning shots.

It was beautiful to see the parents encircling their babies and holing them close. Their faces shown with such joy and excitement as they gazed down on them. The little precious ones were born prematurely and had to spend some time in the hospital, making their arrival home all the more miraculous. I love the picture of mom with her arm around the babies. This photograph makes it look like the three of them are floating on a peaceful cloud without a care in the world.

Even with being born early, the babies featured gorgeous little fat rolls and had such kissable squishy parts. It was amazing how similar features could look so masculine on the little boy and so soft and feminine on the little girl. The neutral colors of the wraps and backgrounds brought out the pink color of their skin. One of my favorite poses was the one of both babies wrapped together laying in a barrel. The baby boy’s arms were wrapped protectively around his sister. The white knit blanket and flowery headband brought out the girls delicate features, while the blue blanket and little blue outfit brought out the brother’s boyish features.

Watching families grow is one of my favorite things about my job. I look forward to taking more cherished photos as these little ones grow and reach new milestones.

newborn twins {phoenix az newborn photography}

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