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sweet baby cheeks {mesa newborn photographer}

I love having the opportunity to watch as families grow. I first met these parents during their maternity session. We had so much fun together. This family had radiated with joy as they looked forward to meeting their new baby girl. She was well worth the wait. This little sweetheart was just gorgeous with the sweetest (little)big baby cheeks.

I kept the wardrobe simple and classic. This allowed the baby’s beautiful features to be the star of the show. Her mom loved her sweet baby cheeks, and I couldn’t have agreed more. They looked so plump and kissable. I loved the way her hands cradled her chin as she slept. I captured several pictures of her just naturally, and then I wrapped her in beautiful lace. The lace gave her an understated elegant look without distracting from her simple beauty. I also took some photographs using a white blanket and a pink blanket. These colors really brought out the rosiness of the baby’s skin.

This bundle of joy sported beautiful dark brown hair, which looked stunning against her pink skin. We added some cute headbands to bring out her femininity. The flowers and bows were delicate and dainty. In a couple of the pictures, I was able to capture her pink lips turned up into a cute, wistful smile. I could just imagine the dreams that were dancing around in her head.

The beauty of these moments never fails to amaze me. As a mom myself, I have great appreciation for the beauty of a newborn baby and how quickly these moments pass by. I love being able to create lasting memories for families that will be treasured for years to come.

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