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baby boy on the way {gilbert az maternity photographer}

This session far transcended simple, well-matched outfits and natural poses my favorite for maternity sessions. Radiant love exuded from their faces with every picture I captured. No pose appeared unnatural or coerced, but rather seemed innate within their relationship. This sweet couple portrayed a genuine love for one another and for their anticipated baby boy!

The beautiful parents-to-be shined from the inside-out with every picture. Catching these moments between couples has always been an inspirational factor in my career. During this session, love and excitement were captured by my camera. It truly is just as precious for me to take these photos as it is for the parents to receive them! I thoroughly enjoyed the purity of this session and observing firsthand the love that their son will be born into. The couple treated each other with such tenderness and gentleness that made the session so wonderful. The more time I spent with them the more I realized that their first son will be-and already is-deeply loved and wholeheartedly wanted. The session was packed with those “wow” moments. I loved the sincere joy painted on the mother’s face as she cupped her baby bump in her arms. Comparably, the father exhibited such a precious love for the mother of his future son. They both very evidently revealed their anticipation for their new baby. Their natural connection truly reminded me of why I love doing what I do.

With a beautiful couple, comes the need for a beautiful scenery! The gorgeous environment complemented the session and the couple well. Additionally, the mother’s choice of dresses added such an elegant turn to the session. Not only did she look beautiful in them, but she matched charmingly with her partner. Their style, their stunning poses, and their inherent connection with one another created such a ravishing selection of pictures. This delightful session concluded with many flawless photos and pure joy for this exciting next step in their lives. I truly am overjoyed for this beautiful couple and for the arrival of their precious baby boy!

baby boy on the way {washington dc maternity photographer}
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