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The family photo that hangs over the mantelpiece or goes on the holiday card has become a sort of mandatory treasure. People want to mothers to deliver the goods, family-photo-wise, and it is easy to forget how challenging that can be. As a Washington DC family photographer, especially, I find that even scheduling a session can be a complex logistical problem. Getting both parents and the child to the same place at the same time–in the daylight–is just the first battle.

Photographing a family with an infant is always a joy, and it is also always difficult but a challenge I always gladly accept especially when they are returning clients.  I first met this family for the newborn session, I so love seeing my newborns again when they’ve reached their first birthday.  It is so fun to see how much they have grown and changed and to see their little personalities emerge.

As a Washington DC family photographer, I am blessed with a lot of easy scenery. In this case, the family lived right across from Lyons Park, which is not only a nice backdrop, but it also provides a mood that I think is especially important when I am photographing children. Weather is a factor, of course, but this season has been quite forgiving in that regard tho it was raining just before our session…thank goodness the rain passed quickly and we were able to proceed as scheduled.

This family wanted their dog included as she is aging…they wanted to ensure a family photo that included her.  ,Thankfully the stars aligned a few times: we managed to get some shots of the whole family, dog included all looking so beautifully at the camera. That’s an added level of challenge that really gives me satisfaction. When I’m behind the camera, I’m not thinking which pictures are going to be on the holiday card, or passed down to the great-grandchildren. In the moment, I’m just happy if I can get everyone smiling and facing in the right direction. Some of these moments will wind up lasting for generations.



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