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first birthday { chandler az baby photographer }

I had the pleasure of taking pictures of this sweet family when their baby girl was born for her newborn session. I recently took pictures of the baby for her first birthday. The little girl is full of life and wonder, and you can clearly see this in her pictures. From propping herself on her hands and legs to sitting in a small nest while holding a toy, she is a girl with bright eyes and a contagious smile. The lighter colors of her clothes, such as beige, pink and peach, are accented well by the neutral backgrounds and props that are used in the pictures. The lighter colors also highlight the baby’s dark hair a bit better than it would be highlighted if darker backgrounds would have been used.

As the baby starts to touch her cake, you can see the inquisitive nature in her eyes as she isn’t sure about touching the sweet treat. Finally, she delicately takes some of the icing off of the cake and puts it in her mouth. This is before she sticks her entire hand into the cake for a fun picture. The mother and father exhibit the same innocence and quiet demeanor in the family pictures. The selection of neutral colors works well in the outdoor setting as the focus is more on the expressions of the people in the pictures instead of what they are wearing. There is a beautiful love shared between the mother and her baby as she looks at her little girl’s face and a sense of protection as the father looks at the two ladies in his life in some of the pictures.

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