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two big brothers { gilbert az newborn photographer }

For this particular session, I photographed Mom, the new precious baby and two big brothers.

The genuine newborn stage runs from birth to 14 days: this is when the baby still curls up tightly and spends most of the day sleeping. This is when I can get some truly magical photos of the little one, like the photos seen in this particular session. I will capture some close-up shots, like the amazing shot at the beginning of this photo array. I want to capture how beautiful and miraculous this little addition to your life is.

I love the shots where the newborn was swaddled in the diaphanous wrap, allowing you to see through the material to see the tightly curled baby in deep sleep. When the newborn is in this level of deep sleep, I am able to pose the baby into a variety of natural positions, such as curled up on its side or draped across your chest.

This photography session took place with baby’s older brothers involved in this sweet shoot. Notice how the brothers are dressed in simple, light colors. I suggest that anyone who will be in the shoot with the newborn should be dressed in clothing with no bright colors or bold patterns, which tend to distract from the baby.

See how the newborn isn’t wearing any clothing? At this stage, we want to capture your new baby in a way that emphasizes how fragile the baby is, catching that endearing quality that surrounds newborn babies. Since your newborn will be shot au natural, be prepared for accidents to happen. I suggest a change of clothing for everyone in the shoot, just in case. Again, choose very light colors.

During the shoot I will work hard to capture those dreamy smiles, yawns and tiny changes in expression that your newborn is beginning to exhibit.

If you want to capture your baby when awake and starting to smile and make eye contact, that’s fine, too! Baby will still be entering into some deep sleep cycles when we can capture some of those amazing curly baby pics. That type of photo session should be done before baby reaches 12 weeks of age.

The photo sessions at my studio location will include newborn props, like the lightweight wraps shown in this photo shoot. If there is a particular prop or two that you want me to use with your baby, by all means, bring it! If there is an outfit that you want used in the shoot, bring it along and we will see how it looks. This photo session is tailored to capture your special moments with your new one, and I want you to be thrilled with the results.

You should contact me before the baby is due so we can schedule your newborn baby session. We know that babies don’t always arrive on the exact due date, but if you make an appointment with me, I will give you priority if we need to find an alternate date.

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