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First Year Sweetness!  I recently (well actually last fall, to say I once again am a bit behind in my blogging is an understatement…sigh) had the pleasure of photographing this sweet little boy for his first birthday. I have grown close to this family as I had the pleasure of working with this family for his newborn photos as well.  His blue eyes sparkle like diamonds in each picture, portraying the innocence that children have. His inquisitive nature also shines through in each picture, especially the scene where he is sitting at his smash cake. He holds both hands in the air while wearing a tie and jeans, looking more like a gentleman than a one-year-old. While taking the picture, he opens his mouth as if to say something very important or as though he wants to ask a question about why the cake is in on the floor.

Another image that I enjoy of this little boy is him sitting in a nest with a white feathered blanket. His brown hair and brown outfit blend well with the nest, making his blue eyes light up the picture as the only display of color. This little boy has the look of a farmer in many of the pictures that I took of him. His overalls and jeans are almost the same shade of blue as his eyes whether he is sitting inside a wooden crate or sitting on a wooden bench. Some of the pictures that I took of him were while he was standing up and trying to take a few steps toward the camera. His bubbly nature and joyous look offered several pictures with different poses in each one.

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