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grown together – twin girl first birthday session { phoenix az baby photography }

This beautiful family and I have, literally, grown together. I had the pleasure of meeting mom when she was expecting her twin girls, as she contracted my services to do a session featuring her and her growing baby bump.

The project was fantastic, we had even more fun photographing these gorgeous girls for their newborn session. We did a newborn project that was simply beautiful.

When I received the honor of being called a third time, I already felt like I was part of the family. For this reason, I pre-selected a series of colors, filters and focal points to share with mom and dad. The idea is to continue the “theme” of the previous two sessions. The benefit of doing this is that the pictures not only tell a story that shows continuity, but it also makes people appreciate the more delicate aspects of the photograph. These aspects include the human expression of the parents, the cuteness of the girls, the innocence in the eyes of the babies, and the unique traits that makes this family one of a kind.

The venue selected for the photograph was outdoors. This always works out because it allows me to play with the natural sunlight that filters through my lense. An outdoor environment also gives me free range to use all the beautiful colors of nature. Keep in mind that, when it comes to family pictures, outdoor environments are always more attractive to kids, compared to entering a studio. Babies respond well to open environments that are more familiar to them. This ends up helping everyone involved in the photo session.

The pictures of the girls were very important to me precisely because these two baby ladies are twins. We, as a society, tend to see twins as a two-person package. However each of these lovely kids is an individual, no matter how alike they look. I wanted to capture the unique personalities of each of the girls by focusing on how each girl reacts to different types of input, individually.

Notice that their eyes are very expressive, like most babies’ are. This is the best opportunity to really catch the girls’ personality traits on camera. You can immediately tell which of the babies is the curious one, and which is the adventurous one. One super neat thing to do when photographing siblings, especially twins, is to see how they respond to one another. This is the time when you really see them being as unique as they can be. The behaviors of one baby will rub off on the other. It is particularly beautiful when they end up liking one another, like in this case. Just look at those little angels!

Here are some favorites from our session, it was so hard to narrow down as their entire session was so beautiful.
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