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There is no better way to spend family time than doing a family photography session…what a wonderful way to secure memories of your family in snapshot of time.  I have worked with these clients before and, like with many other families that I work with, we have grown together. My first experience with them was when their baby girl was born and I was hired to do the newborn photo session. I had the amazing honor of being asked again to shoot yet another milestone: the baby’s first birthday!

The sessions:

We did two separate sessions. The first session focused entirely on the birthday girl in the studio, while the second part involved the entire family outdoors .

For the family session, the clients selected a “country” theme that involved wearing denim, boots, and a blue and white color code. We made a superb job at balancing out the colors, so that there would not be more white than blue, or vice versa. By the way, did you see those baby jeans? Adorable!

Pose selection

The family did a great job keeping their poses very genuine and natural. You could feel the connection among them. This makes my job much easier. The whole playful scene with Dad and son was entirely their idea, too. When the clients are pumped about the session, all elements fall into place.

Baby goes solo

The next part of the session was with the birthday girl herself. I was very glad that mom used nothing but the happiest colors for this picture: a variety of pinks, orange, pearl, and a dust of gold. Let’s not forget that the cake is fabulous, too, and perfectly complements the rest of the setting .


When it comes to babies and cakes, the key is to keep the babies busy looking at other stimulating toys and objects that they can interact with. In this baby’s case, she was super happy with the bling in her clothes, the candle on the cake, and everything else around her. Big brother came to join, so that was yet another chance for this gorgeous baby to smile big.


To complete our adventure, our baby diva did yet another change of wardrobe, this time keeping on with the original blue and white theme that the family used for their whole-group photos. I think I am going to start a side job making gorgeous baby girl bows, as they show up a lot in my sessions and are simply adorable. Our birthday girl rocked her bows and she definitely left our studio with an enormous smile on her face.

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