dark hair newborn girl { mesa newborn photographer }

I recently had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful newborn girl and her mother. Every tiny detail from her dark hair and headband to her small toes were captured in a way that shows the beauty that a baby brings to a family. As she was laying on her stomach, she had a content look on her face as though she knew that nothing was wrong with her surroundings and that she was protected. 

While wrapped in a white shawl, this little girl looked like a baby doll instead of a newborn with her long eyelashes, her hair flowing across her forehead, and her lips pursed so that they looked as though she were waiting on a kiss. An image of the baby on her stomach features her head resting on her arms and her legs gently curled. Her eyes are closed with the picture detailing her pink headband with a pink rose and white details. A similar image is of the baby wrapped in a gray blanket while wearing a blue-gray headband. 

Each image of the baby resting on her stomach is one of magic as you can clearly see that she is loved by her mother and doesn’t have a care in the world. When her mother holds her little girl face to face, you can see this love that is shared. The mother touches her nose to her daughter’s nose, and it appears as though the two connected perfectly in that moment as the mother had her hands wrapped around her baby.

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