multiple generations { washington dc newborn photography }

Taking newborn photographs is an art form, and it is so much fun when the whole family desires to be involved. Capturing the magic of multiple generations is such an amazing part of my job.

I started this session capturing the all of the newborn baby’s handsomeness. He was well fed and curled up so cooperatively. I was able to capture the beautiful shine of his skin and all of his cute little wrinkles. You could see the start of his dark hair, still a little sparse on top, but if his parents are any indication, he is going to have gorgeous brown hair. I loved how he curled his hands under his chin, accenting his plump cheeks and perfect pink lips. I captured a variety of photos using white and tan backgrounds, and each color brought out a different aspect of his skin tone. In one of the pictures, he wore a cute little brown and white hat, which made him look so handsome.

One of the highlights of this photo session was the inclusion of a blue and white pillow. This special pillow had belonged to dad when he was a baby. Along with a matching crocheted blue blanket, it made for some very special and treasured pictures. We then moved on to family photos, starting with Mom and Dad. It was beautiful to see the smiles of joy and pride on their faces. We then later captured pictures including Grandma. I love generational pictures, and being able to take a multiple generations picture was such a special moment. I can’t wait to watch as this little man grows older and returns to his favorite DC Photographer for future milestone pictures!

multiple generations { washington dc newborn photography }multiple generations { washington dc newborn photography }multiple generations { washington dc newborn photography }

multiple generations { washington dc newborn photography }multiple generations { washington dc newborn photography }multiple generations { washington dc newborn photography }

1st birthday session at cylburn aboretum { baltimore maryland baby photography}

1st Birthday Session at Cylburn Arboretum, Baltimore Maryland.
It is incredibly fun to take newborn photos and meet so many sweet innocent babies. But as much fun as that is, it is also so exciting when those tiny babies return to have their one-year-old pictures taken. Wow, how much they grow and change in such a short period of time. At this age, children are in the process of developing their own personality, and they show such curiosity about the world around them.

The little lady in today’s session was no exception. I first met her when I created the newborn pictures for the family, and today they returned for this new one-year-old milestone. It was a gorgeous day, and we headed to a Cylburn Arboretum in Baltimore to capture a selection of nature shots. There we found a bench surrounded by flowers and trees, which provided the perfect backdrop. The birthday girl wore a delicate white dress and sported a head of beautiful brown hair with dainty ringlets. She stood out like a beautiful angel surrounded by the greens and browns of nature.

Next, we walked along the grass to explore other parts of the park. We had so much fun incorporating bubbles into the pictures. It was great to see how her face lit up with a huge smile while she explored and tried to play with the bubbles. Later, I had mom join in the pictures. We found a beautiful house with stone benches and steps. The joy on the mother’s face was so contagious that you couldn’t help by enjoy the moment. I had fun getting a couple of close up shots of the little lady’s face and beautiful brown eyes, full of wonder and amazement.

I had such a great time working with this family again. Here are some of my favorite photographs from this session. I hope you enjoy!

Cylburn Arboretum baby photography
Cylburn Arboretum baby photographyCylburn Arboretum baby photographyCylburn Arboretum baby photographyCylburn Arboretum baby photography

newborn snuggles {northern virigina newborn photographer }

It amazes me, sometimes, that no matter how many newborn babies I meet, they are all have their own individuality and are unique. And just amazingly cute! I love how there seems to be a never end of adorable babies to film….and snuggle and I love newborn snuggles!

This little man was no exception. He was calm and cuddly, and just ready for his photo debut. I loved being able to catch him in his natural state, all curled up and secure. It is fun to focus in on his cute little toes and fingers. They were so perfect, delicate, and petite.

This little man was so cooperative and gave me the time I needed to get those perfect shots. I loved how I could capture his plump little cheeks and all of his newborn wrinkles. One of my favorite poses was when he was sleeping on his side in a white blanket. He was sporting the biggest grin! I loved how his whole face just lit up. His skin was so pink and perfect, and his little wispy hairs laid delicately on his head. It was fun to photograph him in the contrasting colors of grays and blues. It was stunning against his pink skin. I also captured a picture of him with a black blanket and black hat. With the black background, your total focus was drawn to his handsome face and one of his delicate hands.

Again, it is hard for me to believe sometimes that I get to work and snuggle with so many babies each day. Providing families with beautiful keepsakes is such a joy.

newborn snuggles {northern virigina newborn photographer }
newborn snuggles {northern virigina newborn photographer }newborn snuggles {northern virigina newborn photographer }newborn snuggles {northern virigina newborn photographer }newborn snuggles {northern virigina newborn photographer }

first born boy { d.c. newborn photographer }

Being a D.C. Newborn Photographer has provided me with an amazing opportunity to be able to work in an industry that I love and enjoy coming to work everyday. I also have so much fun sharing my experiences in my blog, so that everyone can enjoy the beauty that I witness.

This photo session included a beautiful newborn boy, along with his mom and dad. I first me this family during their maternity session, and I was thrilled to be able to work with their newborn son. This little man was happy to make his picture debut! I loved his dark brown hair and his cute plump cheeks. Occasionally in the pictures, his mouth would turn up into a cute little grin, definitely making me wonder what he was dreaming about. I couldn’t help but notice how large his adorable feet were, and I would not be surprised if he grew into a tall young man. I loved how the brown background and fuzzy blanket really complimented the beauty of his skin color, whereas the darker blankets added a stunning contrast. The hat with the little bear ears added so much personality.

Of course, one of my favorite parts of any newborn photo session are the pictures with the parents. It was beautiful to see this little man’s mother snuggle close to him and appreciate all of his handsomeness. Dad also gazed so lovingly at his son as they posed for a nose to nose shot. The smell of a newborn baby….such a pleasure. As my own children continue to grow older, it gives me such joy to continue to work with little ones. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite pictures from this session. I am looking forward to meeting this wonderful family again as we make more milestone keepsake memories.

first born boy { d.c. newborn photographer }
first born boy { d.c. newborn photographer }first born boy { d.c. newborn photographer }first born boy { d.c. newborn photographer }first born boy { d.c. newborn photographer }first born boy { d.c. newborn photographer }

beautiful newborn baby boy { washington dc newborn photographer }

Beautiful Newborn Baby Boy

As a mom and photographer, the session with this beautiful newborn baby boy just reminded me of how much I love admiring every perfect flawless detail of newborns. It was so therapeutic to see mom’s face as she lovingly gazed at her sleeping newborn throughout the session. It has been such a privilege to have a second session with this precious family.

In the first scene, we were able to capture his luxurious dark head of hair on his cherished head. He slept soundlessly on the airy white clouds and continued into the next scene with a velvety smooth grey blanket. Once the grey hat was gently placed on his head, I realized he absolutely loved the attention! Although his eyes were closed, his small lips advertised a smirk for all to see. This just has to make you giggle! We transitioned to a hollowed log where you can see his delicate nature. The textured blankets in the next scene really accentuated his small fingers and toes. I love how you can see how comfortable and at peace he is. He was tenderly wrapped and placed on a bed of long fur where you can feel how his calm demeanor extends out to you. In the final set, he warmly embraces the dark blue blanket and folds his hands one on top of the other. The rustic appearance of the floor shows that no matter how long humankind has had children, we are to admire and be in awe of this beautifully natural process. I know this handsome boy gives such joy now and will continue to in the future for his loving and thoughtful family.

beautiful newborn boy - dc newborn photographer

beautiful newborn boy - dc newborn photographer beautiful newborn boy - dc newborn photographer

beautiful newborn boy - dc newborn photographer beautiful newborn boy - dc newborn photographer