rustic maternity session {arizona maternity photography}

As soon as I saw this expectant mother, I could see the beautiful glow on her face that was further enhanced in the pictures that I captured of her and her husband for the rustic maternity session.. As they were standing on a trail with trees in the background, he lovingly placed his hand on her stomach and an arm around her shoulders, wrapping her close as a display of protection and love. When they gazed adoringly at her stomach and the baby growing inside, I could see the love for the new life that would soon join the family. The mother’s white dress paired well against the background of the trees as it offered a natural scene and one where you can focus more on the facial expressions of the mother instead of what she was wearing. 

Whether the mother is leaning against a fence post or standing with her partner in front of a red barn, she exudes happiness in every image. I enjoyed taking pictures of her and her partner in front of the barn because of her white dress and his light-colored clothing made them the focal point of the picture. Another adoring image is one where the couple is standing in front of a picket fence while gazing into each other’s eyes as they have their hands on her stomach. The blue dress that the mother wears in some of the pictures is simply elegant. It is a beautiful color with her dark hair and the complexion of her skin.

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