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Photographing a newborn is one of the greatest joys of my job, and as a phoenix newborn photographer it’s fortunately an oft-occurring perk. This photo session was no exception, and I was honored to welcome this family’s newest little member into the world–and spotlight.
As many well know, newborn photography is its own separate art form, requiring skills and a particular eye for detail not commonly applied to other mediums. While children over the age of two years are generally lively little persons with developing and engaging personalities (to say the least!) newborns are a different story. These precious souls require rest and a peaceful environment above all, and capturing their little nuances is a delicate but infinitely rewarding process.
Fortunately this newborn boy’s parents had a wonderful way with their bundle of joy, contributing their warmth and abundance of love, as well as natural grace, to the overall session and turning it into a truly memorable event. We selected a classic studio setting and gradually implemented different colors and textures into each sitting, from serene blues to cozy country quilt work. As always, I made sure to make this little guy the front-and-center focus, with minimal distractions surrounding him. And of course it didn’t hurt that he seemed to wear the sweetest little smile on his face at all times!
I believe newborn photography requires a gentle patience and appreciation for the subject. This baby boy may not be a lively tot yet, but that’s all the more reason to capture this brief stage of life in its endearing and almost breathless preciousness. While I pride myself on being a dc newborn photographer, I also take equal pride in my exceptional clients. I’ve been extremely fortunate over the years to work with some of the most incredible families and individuals, who have trusted me with their most cherished moments and in return been near-flawless photography subjects.
I believe every stage of a child’s life is invaluable, and well worth documenting. From a tiny newborn such as this beautiful boy to each and every age to come, no family is too young to be celebrated.great

greatest joy - phoenix newborn photographer

greatest joys - dc newborn photographergreatest joys - dc newborn photographergreatest joys - dc newborn photographergreatest joys - dc newborn photographergreatest joys - dc newborn photographergreatest joys - dc newborn photographer

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