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It’s all about beautiful bellies on display.

An Empowering Movement

Maternity photo shoots are a hot trend that continues to skyrocket as women enjoy their pregnancy and the arrival of their precious newborn. Maybe it was actress Demi Moore in 1991 who slowly gave rise to the movement of moms-to-be celebrating their bodies, their time being pregnant and the shift in attitude about baring their bumps.

Moore landed on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, proudly showing off her navel and maternal appeal. She was seven months pregnant and expecting her first daughter.

These days, women have a lot of wonderful options when it comes to designing their personal maternity photo session. Instead of having momma solo, many couples take joy in posing together, and if there are other children, sometimes, they appear in the layouts also.

Capturing The Essence

In this maternity photo session, the happy couple has chosen a beautiful spot to pose for pics by a serene treelined area with a quaint wooden bridge, gazebo and a relaxing grassy corner. The natural lighting there is exquisite, and the secluded setting is ideal for this special experience. A skilled photographer is able to choose and create the perfect location and scenic backdrop for these recorded lifetime moments.

Mom-to-be looks resplendent in a long, silky, flowing, off the shoulder lilac-colored gown. Her hair is down and wavy, and she has on a floral headband. Her beautiful belly is on display, and she is barefoot. Her partner is with her in some of the photographs, and he is dressed comfortably and also barefoot. She also poses alone in several pics.

The maternity session is tastefully done, and one can see the love and devotion between the pair who are expecting a baby boy together. The poses are natural, intimate and effortless, and the images all show hands cradling the belly. It is a strong statement and moving one that clearly evokes the deep connection of the couple and the special journey they are on as they add to their family union.

Celebrating Our Journey

Preserving these memories is important to many couples, and marking an impending birth is a major event. Capturing these elegant, personal details for their fine art portfolio is a beautiful, small investment that allows partners to fondly look back back on that special time.

Pregnancies have changed these days, and the months that go by are something a lot of women wish to chronicle. Showing off a beautiful belly is the most natural thing a mom-to-be can do, and a maternity photo session allows her to honor her pregnancy and her unique journey on to motherhood.

beautiful bellies - washington dc maternity photographer

beautiful bellies - washington dc maternity photographerbeautiful bellies - washington dc maternity photographerbeautiful bellies - washington dc maternity photographerbeautiful bellies - washington dc maternity photographer

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