precious newborn baby girl { phoenix az newborn photographer}

For this session, I photographed Mom, Dad, and their precious newborn baby girl.

The ideal age to do this type of photo shoot is when the baby is not older than 2 weeks of age. Your baby will spend most of the time sleeping, and they are very easy to pose because they sleep so soundly.

Mom and Dad came to this photo shoot. I captured Mom cuddling the baby, while Dad and daughter are adorably posed nose-to-nose. These two shots are just beautiful, and really capture the love that both parents have for their newborn. Mom and Dad came dressed in solid, light colored shirts so their little girl would not be overshadowed by bright colors or patterns.

Since this beautiful baby girl was still at the stage where she slept in that little curly pose, I wrapped her in a sheer wrap for some of the shots. When they are this tiny, we can get some really creative poses with them while still keeping the tone natural.

I love to do some close up shots of newborns, like her amazing little mouth. I like to focus in on those tiny feet and hands at this age, and I can put together an amazing array of close up shots in order to preserve the miraculous nature of this tiny baby that you have welcomed home. While I am shooting photos of your baby, I will work hard to capture the wide variety of expressions he or she displays: all of those little sighs, and those tiny smiles, in order to capture these precious moments.

In designing the photo shoot for your newborn, we can use a variety of props and materials that I have at the studio especially for the baby photo shoots. If you want to bring something special from home, bring it along and we will work it in to the shoot.

Since I love to shoot newborns without clothing, I am prepared for the eventual accident that will occur. Anyone who will be in the photo shoot with the newborn should bring an extra set of clothing, just in case.

Since a newborn shoot like this one takes place in the first 2 weeks of the baby’s life, please keep that in mind when you make your reservation for a photo shoot. It is best to contact me during your pregnancy when you have a firm due date so you can secure a spot on my calendar.

precious newborn baby girl { washington dc newborn photographer}

precious newborn baby girl { washington dc newborn photographer}precious newborn baby girl { washington dc newborn photographer}precious newborn baby girl { washington dc newborn photographer}precious newborn baby girl { washington dc newborn photographer}

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